Fritz Obermeyer
Inference Engineer


TreeCat A Bayesian latent tree model of multivariate multinomial data github

Loom A streaming cross-cat inference and query engine github

Goftests Generic goodness of fit tests for random plain old data github

Distributions Primitives for collapsed Gibbs sampling in Python & C++ github

Pomagma An inference engine for extensional λ-calculus github

Hstar Inadvertently typed λ-join-calculus in Coq github

Puddle A reactive coding environment built on Pomagma github

Kazoo Experiments in psychoacoustics and musical instruments github

The Rational Keyboard A browser app experiment in just intonation github A simple browser environment for coding live javascript github

Johann A toolset for statistical analysis of equations in combinatory algebras github

Jenn3D A toy for visualizing 4D Coxeter polytopes via stereographic projection to 3D github


The Rational Keyboard is an HTML5 web app demonstrating a consonance model in just intonation. It's kind of like a piano with infinitely many keys (one for each rational number) that move around and resize based on what sounds good.

Jenn3D is a tool for viewing stereographic projections of 4D Coxeter polytopes.

A modest mandala in python.